WiFi as a Service (WaaS) from BigAir Group

Leverage Australia's #1 Fixed Wireless network for business and our managed services team.

WiFi as a Service (WaaS) by BigAir Group is a fully managed high-speed, agile networking solution deployed on our own network for fast and measureable performance.

A Quick Overview

What is WaaS?

WiFi as a Service is a high speed WiFi solution that is fully managed using cloud based management systems.

Why WaaS?

Wifi as a Service allows businesses with limited CapEx or IT resources to provide fast, secure, and reliable wireless LAN access across multiple locations without the need for experienced wireless engineers on staff.

Deploying WaaS

WaaS is inherently quick and easy to deploy and manage from a Network Operating Centre (NOC) especially when already located within a coverage area.

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WaaS by BigAir Group

BigAir Group uses its own national fixed wireless network, Network Operating Centre (NOC) and a range of managed services to deliver WiFi-as-a-Service in a reliable and secure way. 

Our solution is a cloud managed WiFi solution that is richly featured and highly reliable for a range of business campus style environments. We can manage single or multiple sites, deploy quickly, and use advanced analytic tools to gain important insights into your staff or customer behaviour.

The service comprises:

  • WLAN configuration
  • network implementation
  • hardware and software management
  • operation and maintenance.

WaaS enables small-to-medium businesses to access fast, reliable and secure networking performance without the need to install or manage cabled based connectivity. This is perfect for temporary locations, heritage buildings, office relocations, and more.

It's a critical component in many of the Campus Solutions by the BigAir Group. 

As the owner of the leading Fixed Wireless network for business in Australia, the BigAir Group is well placed to help you manage your WiFi solution easily and readily, with:

  • high speed, single or multi-site WiFi access with separate guest access ability
  • centralised management of all access points via web-based portal
  • complete visibility into usage
  • seamless automatic over-the-web upgrades
  • world-class security technology
  • contractual service level agreements
  • tailored, flexible solutions for any business size
  • 24/7 operational support and automated service monitoring (with managed services option)
  • complemented by comprehensive managed networking and cloud services

You will: 

  • save capex and only pay a monthly fee
  • enable your existing IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • reduce operational costs
  • save when compared to installing an on-premises controller and managing the wireless environment in-house.

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Key Features

[fa icon= check] Pay-as-you-go

Pay for only what you need when you need it and expand only as required. 

[fa icon= check] Fast Deployment

Get up and running quickly when there is no need to wait for telcos or cabled services. 

[fa icon= check] Dedicated bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth to run multiple access points without performance degradation.

[fa icon= check] Security

Proprietary communications signaling and data-link protocols to make it almost impossible to intercept or spoof the wireless data streams.

[fa icon= check] Speed

Configure performance up to 1 Gbps (that's 1,000Mbps) with asynchronous upload and download speeds. 

[fa icon= check] Reporting

Manage your WiFi performance  and generate reports, track performance, monitor capacity and more.  

[fa icon= check] Guest Access

Manage guest access through the portal as required.

[fa icon= check] Upgrades

Seamless automatic over-the web system upgrades.