Video Conferencing from BigAir Group

Our high definition video conferencing delivers true-to-life quality in both video and sound quality.

Now you can deliver real-life meetings anywhere in the world without people leaving their office. 


A Quick Overview


Video conferencing is the application of telecommunication technologies to enable people in at least 2 locations to meet simultaneously in high definition video and audio. 


It enables people in distant locations to participate in meetings on short notice, and without the need to jump in a taxi or plane - resulting in significant time and budget savings. 


We deploy the Polycom HDX range of High Definition video conferencing end points along with the Polycom RMX bridging solutions across our own national carrier infrastructure.

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High Definition Video Conferencing by BigAir Group

The ability for people to collaborate―to work together ―is key to the success of any engagement where people are reliant on other people. Project meetings. Sales meetings. Product development meetings. And beyond the enterprise, doctors meeting with patients, teachers meeting with students, government agencies meeting on crisis response to deliver critical services to the community. It's important people can connect with people. 

BigAir Group can help with our High Definition Video Conferencing solutions. We provides a complete range of Polycom high-definition video conferencing & video bridging systems. This High Definition range provides an unparalleled user experience with true-to-life quality in both video and sound quality.

With HD video you can have real life meetings anywhere in the world without leaving your office.

We also own our own national carrier infrastructure which means we are one of the only Polycom partners who can provide a truly tailored and fully managed, end-to-end video solution including:

  • Provision & support of High Definition Video Conferencing Codecs
  • Provision of Video Bridge infrastructure or our hosted bridge infrastructure
  • Hosted scheduling & management options
  • Specifically designed video data networks with full QOS.

Unlike many ther providers, our team can guarantee quality of your video solution so you know your users will enjoy a superior HD experience. A positive experience ensures your valuable resources can save time and mobey as they work more collaboratively together. 

For more information on these solutions please see the resources section to the right.  A complete list of downloadable data sheets are available for the entire range of HD end points and bridging solutions.

By leveraging the power of BigAir's carrier network and Polycom's innovative high definition video solutions, organisations remove the obstacles of time and distance, make faster and more informed decisions, and achieve higher levels of performance. 

  • Experience a real life meeting environment
  • Increased productivity across dispersed workforces and teams
  • Slash your travel costs
  • Reduce you company's carbon footprint
  • Eliminate the stress of high frequency travel 
  • Share presentations in your conference
  • Connect to other organisations' systems over the internet
  • Connect multiple parties through the bridge technology
  • Zoom in or move the camera at either end point 
  • Utilise existing boardroom plasma or LCD screens.

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