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Private Networks delivered when security is paramount.

A Private Network by the BigAir Group will provide distributed users with secure access to critical central computing resources.

A Quick Overview

what is private network

Private Networks (IP WAN) link multiple organisation office locations under a single network and provide unlimited traffic between sites, traffic optimisation and prioritisation for critical business applications and services. 

why private network

Private networks are often seen as enhancing network security within the organisation since it is difficult for an Internet host to connect directly to an internal system. This is perfect for highly secure business or government environments.

deploying private network

Private networks are deployed using private IP address space that is not globally delegated, meaning that they are not allocated and IP packets addressed with them cannot be transmitted through the public Internet.

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Private Networks by BigAir Group

Our team will provide your organisation with a reliable network infrastructure and the managed services required to link one or multiple locations under a single secured private network.

Private Network (IP WAN) solutions by BigAir Group are typically designed for organisations providing critical support to their remote access users or customers. They can be deployed to provide secure access to critical computing resources for a broad range of applications including:

  • IP Telephony
  • Intranets
  • File Shares
  • Remote Users
  • Replication and Disaster Recovery,
  • and more.  

With BigAir Group, your internal network download and upload traffic is not counted towards monthly data quotas allowing you to operate network applications when and where required. You can choose form a range of bandwidth options and take speed up to a fast 1Gbps.

Our Private Networking services are symmetrical too, so they deliver you the same download and upload speeds which is essential for terminal services, IP Telephony, file sharing, internal intranets and remote worker support. Network performance and reliability for business critical applications is also catered for by the optimisation and priority of different types of data. 

Finally, the BigAir Group has a dedicated Australian Internet Support Team that supports clients across regional and metropolitan Australia.

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Key Features

[fa icon= check] Unlimited Internal Traffic

Internal network download and upload traffic is not counted towards monthly data quotas; allowing businesses to operate network applications when and where required.

[fa icon= check] High Performance

With up to 1 Gbps, our private networking services are ideal for businesses with demanding connectivity requirements. 

[fa icon= check] APPLICATIONS

Our Private Networks provide an effective connectivity platform for IP Telephony, Intranets, file shares, remote desktop users, replication and disaster recovery.  

[fa icon= check] centralise

Centralise your network connectivity costs and remove the overhead of managing different network providers for every branch office.  

[fa icon= check] SHARED ACCESS

Users can securely and reliably access the corporate network and share application services while on the road, at home, or in remote branch office locations.

[fa icon= check] Traffic & Routing

Network traffic is securely and privately routed to its destination, removing performance and security issues associated with traditional public networks.  

[fa icon= check] National Coverage

The BigAir Group has an established presence across the country in regional and metro locations.

[fa icon= check] our network

BigAir Group owns the infrastucture and service providers to provide extremely cost-effective pricing models.