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New-Era DaaS

The next generation in Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Deploy an adaptive desktop experience for your employees, whatever their work style or location

Introducing new-era Superloop Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Superloop DaaS is the next generation in Desktop as a Service. We’ve taken the traditional DaaS solution as a form of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and enhanced it for a complete “desktop” experience for all work styles. This includes DaaS (with security and disaster recovery) plus hosted network infrastructure, Office 365, national 24/7 support, and hosted IP telephony. And it's all delivered as one easy to manage service on a monthly per user subscription. 

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The way we work has changed

Work is no longer a nine to five office based activity. Over 60% of us now work after business hours and more than two-thirds perform some level of business from home. Research has identified multiple work styles across most types of organisations. These include those working at a desk in the more traditional way, others working from more remote locations, and those known as ‘corridor warriors’ and ‘on-the-go’ pros.

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Your technology needs to keep up

It’s a complex environment that IT managers need to service with more than a laptop and internet connection. Now, you need to deliver a complete operating experience as if at the desk, for all types of work styles, and on any device from anywhere and any time.

Why Superloop+ DaaS?

  • Everything you need to deploy secure, reliable DaaS to all types of workers
  • Plus, hosted network, security, disaster recovery, client devices and hosted telephony
  • 24/7/365 support from our Australian-based Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Turn-key solution with expert planning, on-boarding and support
  • One partner accountable for holistic performance outcomes
  • Superloop owned and managed fibre and wireless networks
  • Dedicated account manager and professional engineering team
  • Backing and resources of an ASX-listed public company with Tier 1 partners

What type of companies should consider Superloop+ DaaS

Superloop+ DaaS makes sense for any organisation that is undertaking desktop replacement, upgrading from WindowsXP, implementing a BYOD strategy, streamlining technology asset security, going through a merger or acquisition process, or is lacking in-house desktop skills. It is also the ideal solution for enterprises with a growing presence of mobile and/or remote employees, or contract resources.

Desktop-Centric Worker

A solution for every type of worker

Not every type of employee works the same way. Some are more mobile than others. That's why Superloop+ new-era DaaS can be deployed in four specific bundles each designed for each type of user: 

  • Desk-Centric
  • Remote Worker
  • Corridor Cruiser
  • On the Go Pro

Solutions for to suit the way your people work

Not every type of employee will work the same way. Some are more mobile than others. That's why we've created specific 'Office-on-the-Go" virtual desktop bundles for four work-styles that we have created - and that you are likely to have within your organisation.

Check out the work-styles below, and then the table below that for each bundle. 


Someone who is working at their own desk more than 50% of the time.

  • Need efficient use of space
  • Stationary for long periods requires comfortable setup
  • Single screen hinders productivity
  • Need better ergonomics

Someone working full -time (at least 30 hours per week) outside of the company building(s)/campus, e.g. from home or another location. 

  • Connectivity / communication with office
  • Issues with conference call software/VOIP
  • Connectivity on the go
  • Access to important info
  • Power on the go
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Someone working away from their own desk more than 50% of the time, going from meeting to meeting and/or working from multiple locations, but within the company building(s)/campus(s).

  • Laptop too bulky or heavy
  • Lack ability to present
  • Often no second monitor
  • Small keyboard
  • Need ergonomic keyboard setup
  • Need better power on the go

Someone who works more than 50% of the time away from the office, traveling and going to off-site meetings.

  • Heavy multiple devices
  • Too many accessories are a hassle
  • Connectivity issues
  • Ability to get access to important info
  • Productivity on smaller devices
  • Power issues

Office on the Go solutions for every style of work your people do







  User Profile Desk Centric  Remote Corridor Warrior On-the-Go Pro
Desk Centric employees work at their office desk over 50% of time

Remote Users spend at least 30 hours a week working outside company buildings or from home 

Corridor Warriors spends more than 50% of the time in meetings and multiple locations inside the campus

On-the-Go Pro's work away from the office more than 50% of the time traveling and in multiple locations
  Typical Work  Administration
Help Desk
Data Heavy
Event Workers
IT, Marketing
Field Technicians
  Needs Efficient use of often limited space and large or dual monitors  Connection to office resources and data via the cloud or VPN and self sufficient Transition from desk to meeting, information sharing and connectivity

Convenient, lightweight portable devices, with connectivity and power

  Bundled Inclusions DaaS
  Dell Device Options 1 x 24" Monitor 
DELL Wyse Thin Client PColP
2 x 24" Monitors 
DELL Wyse Thin Client PColP
DELL Latitude Laptop

8GB RAM, Intel i5 CPU, 256Gb SSD, FHD 13" Screen
DELL Latitude Laptop 2
in 1 

16GB RAM, Intel i7 CPU, 512Gb SSD, FHD 12.3" Touch Screen
  Optional Add Ons + 1 x 24" Monitor 

+ Office 365
+ Dell Latitude Laptop
+ T42 Handset

+ Office 365 E3
+ Dock
+ 1 x 32" Monitor 
+ T48 Handset 
+ Office 365
+ Dock
+ 1 x 32" Monitor 
+ T48 Handset

Key Features

Adaptive end user experience. Superloop+ new-era DaaS provides an excellent end-user experience that adapts to any device and changing network conditions. It also enables end-user needs around USB support, multimedia, and unified communications.

Simple virtual desktops. Simplified delivery of desktops and applications as a cloud service, to any device, anywhere.

Elastic commercial model. As your business expands or contracts so too can the quantity of DaaS instances subscribed.

Predictable costs. Reduce your upfront costs and lower your desktop TCO with predictable outgoings.

Hybrid cloud flexibility. Reduce time to deploy with an architecture built for an on-premise and cloud-based future, including seamless access from a single client.

Integrated security and control. Gain peace of mind with integrated security, control, and support.

One Offs. Add desktops quickly to accommodate temporary requirements without the need for major infrastructure changes or upgrades.

Disaster Recovery. Reduce the impact of a disaster on end-users with a DR plan that can be implemented easily and rapidly.

M&A. Successfully integrate IT systems and processes under M&A conditions to ensure consistent desktop images, access, applications and data to every user.

Windows OS, Collaboration OR ERP. Extend the life of your fleet by leveraging your existing hardware to run Windows 10 + Office 365 or Office STD.

Screenshot 2018-05-02 16.41.50.png

It makes good business sense 

[fa icon= "check"] EVERYONE CONNECTED

Your remote workers remain connected to access all their applications, data and files in the same way they do when they work in the office - anywhere,  anytime. 

[fa icon= "check"] NO CAPITAL REQUIRED

Your remote workers remain connected to access all their applications, data and files the same way they would from the office, anywhere, at anytime.

[fa icon= "check"] SCALABLE

Your remote workers remain connected to access all their applications, data and files the same way they would from the office, anywhere, at anytime.

[fa icon= "check"] READY-MADE DR

The Superloop Desktop as a Service solution is the heart of Office on the Go. It provides  companies with a ready-made Disaster Recovery DR strategy so everyone is up and running quickly should the worst occur such as flood, fire, or theft. 

[fa icon= "check"] BETTER SECURITY

Personal computers can be hacked, lost or stolen. VD address this issue simply, if there is no sensitive info stored on any hard drive, or there is no hard drive, there is nothing to steal. Traditional PC’s face threat of malicious files being downloaded, infecting corporate LAN. 

[fa icon= "check"] CONNECTED

finding new ways to enjoy the benefits of traditional desktop computing, coupled with the advantages of service provider guarantees. This packaged bundle will address end-users need for a ‘seamless and simple’ desktop experience whilst providing consistent performance, access and maintaining water-tight security - regardless of where workers are or how they are accessing the application.



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