"Statistics indicate that over 30% of companies that offshore will eventually ‘backsource’ to their home country."

Managed Service Desk Overview

Managed Service Desk services are the general support, incident, and management services provided by either an inhouse team of IT people, or outsourced partner such as BigAir, to keep your IT systems (and employees) working to their full potential every day. Services typically include day-to-day network administration, software updates, user support, issue resolution, hardware fixes, security monitoring, and performance reporting.

Reduce Costs. Improve Service.

Managed Service Desk by BigAir will relieve the burden on your IT resource as well as reduce overall management costs, improve budget predictability, reduce down-time and enhance employee satisfaction with their workplace environment. BigAir has the team of experienced people with the diverse skills, refined management systems, and industry relationships to deliver outstanding Help Desk services 24/7, 365 days.

Engage BigAir Managed Service Desk, and our Australian-based support teams will have your technology and employees operating at peak performance on a daily basis.

You'll see more uptime from your technology, greater productivity from your people, and at the same time eliminate the overheads and burden of training and management cycles associated with an internal Help Desk. Now those IT people can focus on more strategic growth initiatives - for the business and themselves.  

Alternatively, if you already outsource your organisation's Service Desk, then consider the benefits of switching to BigAir for an Australian-based team, enhanced Service Level Agreements, customised service delivery programs to suit specific needs, and the backing of an ASX-listed company with the diverse expertise required in today;s corporate operating environments.

Find out just how much better your day-to-day IT support arrangements could be for your organisation by calling 1300 244 247, or completing the form below for a Free Consulting Assessment for the real numbers.

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"I have been with PCYC for 5 years and this is the best service I have ever encountered from an IT department and an external service provider."

Sarah O'Riordan
Club Manager PCYC

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Why BigAir

  • Australian-based team
  • Enhanced SLAs
  • Reduce costs up to 20%
  • 3x service delivery options to suit
  • Experienced network managers
  • Full range of technology expertise 
  • Critical tier 1 vendor relationships
  • Centralised 24/7/365 support desk
  • ASX-listed and Trusted provider

Why Managed Service Desk

  • All daily IT support is covered
  • Fast response times for employees
  • Your technology is always optimised
  • Reduce overall costs to business
  • Budgets become predictable
  • Multiple skills available as required
  • No more training and overheads
  • Focus internal IT on growth initiatives
  • Focus management on core business

Download Overview

Screen_Shot_2016-09-27_at_4.11.34_PM.pngDownload the BigAir Managed Service Desk solution overview for more information. 



Free Offer
Cost Benefit Analysis

You need to understand whether the business case for outsourcing your Managed Help Desk stacks up compared to your current situation. 

This FREE analysis is performed by one of our consultants. It reviews your current performance levels and existing costs then provides a comparison scenario between your existing arrangements and the outsourced Managed Help Desk option. 

  • Excellent tool for a business review
  • Identified savings are up to 20%
  • Free & no obligation
  • Offer ends December 31 2017.

3 Ways to Engage BigAir Managed Service Desk

When it comes to Managed Service Desk, BigAir provide three options so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. 

Most Popular

Per Incident Model

Overflow Needs
After Hours Support
Specific Functions

Most Popular


Agreed Service Level
Predictable Outlay
Adjusted on Trending Need

Most Popular

Per Head

Scales with Headcount
Agreed Service Level

Measureable service improvements. 

We'll demonstrate a positive business impact for any organisation with 50+ employees looking for a better way to manage day-to-day IT support requests. Our Managed Help Desk solutions are charged at an agreed fee, and then measured on outcomes that ensure business improvement for you including:

  • FOFC (Fix on first Contact)
  • General Customer Satisfaction levels
  • Average Speed to Answer
  • Abandonment rates.

Scale as required.

BigAir has the ability to instantly scale the number of experts to meet call volume. Our service desk can also scale short-term if your organisation was to experience any unplanned outages, network upgrades, software deployment projects or major system upgrades or changes. Furthermore, we can scale the service lines and capacity as business changes - so you're only ever investing to the level your business requires. This is maximum efficiency.


Add other call centre services. 

Our Service Desk can also provide non-IT related Call Centre Services for your organisation, including:

  • SIM Activations De-activations
  • Lost/Stolen emergency calls 
  • Outbound assistance with major software rollouts
  • Specific Application support
  • Overflow / After Hours to support your own internal Help Desk that may operate during business hours.

Of course, instead of outsourcing to an Australian partner, you could...

Continue Insourcing

You retain control of everything including all the staff issues, hiring and firing, technical skills development across a myriad of disciplines, office cleaning and costs, performance reviews, metric management and more. This status quo arrangement carries high direct costs as well as extremely high opportunity costs in lost productivity, less focus on the business and management cycles.

Send IT Offshore

All BigAir staff are located in Australia, including overflow. However many organisations try to send their day-to-day IT and user support overseas into low-cost Asian countries - either directly or via a middle-man. The results are often dissatisfied users, confusion over service levels, excessive downtime, and poor brand reputation in the market and with employees. 


Get a free cost/benefit asessment to get the facts!

Key Features

[fa icon= "check"] REDUCED COSTS

We will typically be a minimum of 20% more cost efficient than a customer can do it for themselves onshore.

[fa icon= "check"] IMPROVE USER DELIGHT

We can increase end user satisfaction by resolving more issues at the first POC thus increasing operational efficiencies within your business. (Increased profits, revenue etc)

[fa icon= "check"] COMPLETE SERVICE

We take on the cost and responsibility of installing, maintaining, and operating sophisticated telephony systems, data management teams, IT Service Management software and other hardware

[fa icon= "check"] RANGE OF SKILLS

Our Support Representative team comprise professionals with extensive experience across a broad range of environments and technologies. 

[fa icon= "check"] SCALABILITY

Our service desk can scale its resources to serve your needs including any spikes to resolve outages or deploy major system upgrades.

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