We manage your IT, so your people can manage your business.  

ICT has become unwieldy in many organisations. If that's you, then it may be time to outsource the day-to-day IT services. You'll clear the way for people to focus on core business, while often improving infrastructure and reducing overall costs along the way. It's a win-win-win.  

The BigAir Group delivers Managed IT Services for organisations across Australia with approximately 100-3000 employees.  Our team are highly resourced and extremely experienced to deliver equipment maintenance, software updates, security management, network enhancements, complete ICT reporting and more, all with full accountability.

In short, we work hard every day to make sure your IT  "just works."

For one predictable monthly fee, you eliminate all your current complexity, add a 3rd party viewpoint, take advantage of our teams' multi-disciplined knowledge, and watch your people become happier, more productive, and fully focused on more strategic business initiatives. 

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Why Managed IT Services?

You may currently manage your IT internally, or engage a service provider on a break-fix arrangement. Your choice from here is to outsource your IT management using a subscription model where your organisation typically owns the equipment and software licenses, and your Managed Services Provider (MSP) delivers the services to manage it all. This delivers the following benefits to your business:

  • Reduce the operational expense of managing your IT
  • Reduce the risk associated with compliance issues 
  • Simplify your business operations for greater efficiency
  • Simplify management of all your diverse IT suppliers
  • Access new technologies effectively
  • Access diverse and specialised IT skills
  • Improve productivity of your entire employee base
  • Improve reliability of your IT systems
  • Enhanced security across the network
  • Maximise performance of all software and hardware assets
  • Ensure your network is delivering best performance, and more. 
Managed IT Services by BigAir

Why BigAir?

Here's a few key reasons to consider BigAir for IT Managed Services:

  • Customised plans to suit your requirements
  • 24/7 Australian-based help desk
  • Specific performance and quality metrics
  • Predictable monthly fee
  • Experience managing business-critical environments
  • Strength of being an ASX-listed company
  • Partnerships with major technology vendors
  • Support for your team.

What We Deliver

Server Management 
BigAir will maintain your internal or cloud-hosted servers to keep critical IT services available through proactive management of your server infrastructure, including:

  • Advanced 24/7 performance monitoring
  • Configuration management 
  • Key application maintenance
  • Patch management to fix 3rd party software problems
  • Real time optimisation to improve the efficiency of your servers
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Management of multiple operating systems and environments
  • Remote and on-site support.

Network Management
BigAir will provide service support for a wide range of networking products inc BigAir will remove the complexity of managing your network infrastructure with:

  • Switch performance monitoring to ensure everything is talking to each other
  • Router performance monitoring to maintain optimised internet
  • Fire wall management to protect your business from hackers, keyloggers and trojans
  • Unlimited remote and on site support.

Device Management
BigAir will keep your people happy and productive with a range of preventative maintenance across all devices, including desktops, laptops, printers, tablets and mobile devices (see below for specific mobile management):

  • Cleanse memory and hard drives
  • Defragment the drives
  • Updating drivers for printers, modems and other devices
  • Install patches and security updates
  • Delete browser cache and history files to speed up internet searching
  • Review reboot systems to be sure they are working. 

User Support
Your users will be well-supported including: 

  • Day to day support
  • Network administration tasks
  • Mailbox management
  • Application access
  • Login issues.

Mobile Device Management
BigAir will manage all your mobile devices, support and reporting, including:

  • Standardised configuration
  • Enforce security protocols to avoid infecting company data
  • Track and report all company mobile assets
  • Manage warranty issues, track device location via GPS, and
  • Remotely wipe lost devices to protect company data and IP.

Other Services
Other services available to be included as required in your Managed IT plan include: 

  • Security maintenance
  • Application monitoring
  • network redundancy
  • User training

How to get started

Your BigAir consultant will:

  • meet to discuss your business and IT goals
  • understand your current environment
  • develop a customised plan for IT Managed Services
  • provide a firm quote for the monthly service fee
  • provide a formal service-level agreement for your approval
  • commence a transition management process including documentation audit, service delivery team training regarding your business, and stakeholder induction and introductions.


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IT Managed Services by BigAir

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