What is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


"Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is the fastest growing segment of the global cloud market with 38% year-on-year growth to 2016 ." BI Intelligence

Time to build business. Not IT.
Start with IaaS.

Australian business leaders are looking to grow their organisations, not their IT infrastructure. They want to reduce overheads, improve capital deployment, and enhance the performance of every cog in the machine.

There are multiple ways to achieve these outcomes, one of which is to shift the burden of on-site IT to the agility of the cloud using an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider such as BigAir. 

IaaS is a virtual computing architecture that includes storage, servers, and networking infrastructure that's managed, updated and secured by the provider. It's typically charged on a pay-as-you-use model, lightens the load on the balance sheet, and gives you back the time and resources you need to build your business, not your IT.

It's time for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Business efficiency. Delivered from the cloud.  

Businesses of all sizes are rapidly relying on Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) such as BigAir to help them reduce costs and accelerate growth - essentially do more with less.

And IaaS is a great place to start.

Where once you spent large chunks of capital on data centre infrastructure that needed to be provisioned, patched, optimised, secured, scaled, and housed, now you can look to the cloud for a fresh IT philosophy. One that embraces a more dynamic model that can bend and flex as your business demands, reduce costs, and focus your IT people on more strategic initiatives. 

Speed and agility are now key differentiators in every business.  
Get them into your business with IaaS from BigAir. 

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Not Your Average IaaS Solution

Not all IaaS solutions are the same.

While most IaaS solutions simply use other cloud providers and the internet to connect everything and your business together, BigAir delivers IaaS using our own Managed Private Cloud. This ensures your data is held onshore as it should be, and provides us with direct peering into many data centres including Google, so your links can typically be direct and as such bypass the internet to improve performance and security.

Secondly, BigAir (and our parent company Superloop ASX: SLC) owns our enterprise-grade Fixed Wireless and Fibre network. We use this infrastructure to underpin our connectivity between you and our data centres to once again provide a more hands-on, direct, and reliable service.

Finally, BigAir guarantee data residency in Australia so you can be sure your organisation operates within any legal or social governance for which you are committed.

It all means we can guarantee the technology your business relies on, customise the solution to perfectly match your requirements, and most of all, take responsibility for anything that concerns you (no buck passing here).

Everything is managed by our Australian-based engineers and support team and charged using a simple monthly fee.  Call us to discuss.

BigAir IaaS includes: 

  • The Platform / Compute Model (CPU/RAM)
  • BigAir Managed Private Cloud
  • BigAir Fixed Wireless Network
  • Superloop Fibre Connectivity
  • Guaranteed Data Residency in Australia
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • High Availability Options (subject to SLA)
  • Sydney-based 24x7 Service Desk
  • Primary Storage (SSD)
  • Secondary Storage (NLSAS) Options
  • Operating System (Guest)
  • Managed Antivirus Patch Management
  • Monitoring OS Management
  • Managed Backups
  • Customer Portal / Console Access
  • Network Operations Centre
  • BigAir Professional Services Engineers (PSEs)
  • Project Managers for Onboarding Services
  • Best-of-Breed Technology (data centres and toolsets).

Data backup within Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Disaster Recovery Built In  

Our IaaS keeps your b-u-s-i-n-e-s-s running at all times. 

Ensuring a reliable IT environment with little or no disruption to business is critical when evaluating an IaaS partner. Many providers rely on a 3rd party to deliver such a promise. Not BigAir. Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service includes our own DRaaS solution that we manage and guarantee.

Backed by the highly reliable BigAir Australian-based Network Operations Centre (NOC), our DRaaS includes a wide range of advanced features as standard so you can access applications and data quickly in the event of a natural or man-made disaster or outage.

BigAir also tests regularly and without any disruption to your production systems, and there are no surprises as everything is included in your monthly fee as per your agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Align Reduced Costs to Demand

Faster. More secure. Greater agility. And less cost. 

An IaaS solution eliminates upfront capital requirements and reduces operational expenses that would have been incurred for IT maintenance, management, support, real estate, and power.

BigAir IaaS takes this a step further by scaling your solution so you only pay as you use. Now your business can run with a cost structure that more directly reflects any variables you may have including seasonality, new business acquisitions, testing environments, and more. 

You'll free up capital and IT staff for important strategic opportunities, and deliver a more predictable and transparent cash flow.

Get the balance right with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Security inside Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Enterprise-Grade Security.

Safer hands than you have today.

With the correct SLA and service provider, a cloud-based infrastructure can often provide better application and data security than can be attained in-house. However, security of any service run in the cloud depends on the service provider, their technology, and their human diligence.

By managing our own private cloud, network infrastructure, and operation support centre, BigAir is able to take better control of potential security gaps when compared to alternate providers who leverage too many 3rd parties.

We're able to regularly identify and manage all levels of the infrastructure to determine ongoing risk profile and management strategy, such as the computing level (hypervisors), data storage, network, user interface, access controls, APIs and more.

We maintain meticulous management of encryption key storage control and all connections are encrypted end-to-end from the source to the cloud. As the network provider, we also have the people and processes to properly manage regular software updates, patching procedures, monitoring and audit requirements, regular testing, and vulnerability analysis.  

Developing the Right Service For You

Choosing the right service provider, and level of service, is critical when transitioning to an IaaS model. Start the process by understanding your current compute, storage, security, recovery, application, and networking performance from the outset. Our BigAir team can help you build that baseline knowledge as required.

Next, determine your business and technical goals in terms of improving application performance, data security, cash management, cost controls, employee retention, and growth aspirations. Commit these to the plan and service level agreement discussions to ensure provider buy-in. 

From there, meet your potential providers and be sure to know what their infrastructure looks like, who owns it, who manages it, what control do they have over it, and what it can do in terms of scalability, security, speed, access, and uptime. BigAir will then help you define the exact service level and infrastructure you need to best suit your defined requirements.

Get the right Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service.

Choosing BigAir as your IaaS Provider

BigAir is fully committed to understanding your business and the specific objectives you seek to achieve by adopting a cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service model. We have local data centres, local staff, and own our network from which we deliver your service. Our specialty is in a helping businesses with typically 100-800 staff who aspire to become more agile and competitive in their market.  

tick.png  No Cost Surprises

BigAir IaaS has no additional charges for data ingress/egress in IaaS virtual data centres.

tick.png  No limits on WAN links

BigAir IaaS can be paired with a BigAir IPWAN for cost effective network connectivity.
(No download/upload limits on WAN links)

tick.png  Quickly Scale Capacity

BigAir owns our own network and so can very quickly scale capacity to match demand in a temporary, experimental or highly seasonal business environment.

tick.png  Pay As You Go

The BigAir pay-as-you-go model allows you to redeploy capital resources to areas offering a greater ROI than IT infrastructure.

tick.png  Real Disaster Recovery

BigAir IaaS operates with a second geographically separated data centre to provide superior RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective).

tick.png  Fully Managed Solution

BigAir IaaS management includes operating system patching, antivirus, backups, monitoring, incident and change management.

tick.png  Australian Support

BigAir IaaS is supported, monitored and managed by our own 24x7 Network Operations Centre in place for over a decade.

tick.png  Reduce Costs 

The BigAir IaaS solution is highly cost-effective even when compared to other IaaS providers or alternative in-house strategies. 

tick.png  Customised Solutions

Our team will work with you to develop a service level and performance tier that matches your business requirements exactly. 

Service Level Options

Start with a service level that best suits your business.


Gold VPS

Silver VPS

Bronze VPS

Test & Dev

Dual Data Centre Yes Yes No No 
RPO (Recovery Point Objective 15 min   4 hours  24 Hours  24 hours
RTO (Recovery Time Objective) 1 Hour 4 hours  48 Hours N/A 
Support Hours 24x7 8x5 / 24x7  8x5 N/A 
Business Continuity A duplicate system configuration is stored at a second datacentre and activated upon a failure at
the primary data centre.
A duplicate system configuration is stored at a second datacentre and activated upon a failure at
the primary data centre.
A single site
configuration only.
A single site
configuration only
(Unmanaged VM).

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Reasons to Choose BigAir
as your IT Partner


Fast Performance  

Superloop and BigAir have direct peering into many data centres such as Google. This means your links can can go direct and bypass the internet for vastly improved performance.


ASX-Listed Company

BigAir is a company of Superloop, the dark fibre company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange providing a diverse range of services from student wireless to data centre integration and pan-Asian interconnnection services.



Our team has over 15 years experience managing the critical networks and infrastructure for a wide range of small to large businesses across Australia.


Sydney NOC

Our Network Operations Centre is Australian-based and available to assist you whenever you have any questons that needs answers. 

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