Fixed Wireless Ethernet Network from BigAir

Connect better than ever before with Australia's leading Fixed Wireless Ethernet network for business.

Our network delivers carrier-grade, high-availability, symmetrical broadband performance, with speeds up to 1Gbps and the agility of the air.

A Quick Overview

Connecting an organisation with traditional cabling can be unfeasible (when remote), prohibitively expensive (when fibre), impossible (in 'last mile'), too slow (in the case of ADSL) or too crowded (3G/4G). The most cost effective high performance solution is Fixed Wireless.

Fixed Wireless Ethernet by BigAir is an extremely simple way to quickly deliver IP connectivity. We install our radio transceiver as required, and connect your switching network to our high speed wireless connection via the standard Cat 5 Ethernet cable in your building.

BigAir has the experience and expertise to customise a solution that meets your specific connectivity needs. We employ point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links using our own national Fixed Wireless network to connect your site to other sites locally or across the country


Free Whitepaper:
Fixed Wireless Ethernet

This easy-to-read whitepaper gives CIOs and IT managers the facts behind Fixed Wireless Ethernet, and how it can be an extremely effective alternative or supplement to fibre optic networking.


Fixed Wireless Ethernet Whitepaper from BigAir

Fixed Wireless Ethernet by BigAir

Connecting an organisation the old fashioned way often makes no sense now. Traditional terrestrial cabling can be unfeasible (when remote), prohibitively expensive (when using fibre optic), or simply too crowded and slow (in the case of ADSL).

Why make it so hard? Time to consider a BigAir Fixed Wireless Ethernet solution. It delivers the speed and reliability you need almost everywhere, with the flexibility to scale as business conditions change. You'll discover that it's the best way to:

  • solve tricky network topology issues fast
  • connect multiple locations with ease
  • provide disaster recovery for the primary network  
  • deliver a wide range of business applications including The Cloud. 

It's extremely secure too. So challenge the traditional terrestrial model and see how you can create better networks, in faster time, and at less cost, with Fixed Wireless Ethernet from BigAir.

Use it as your primary network, or start small by deploying it as a backup network in the event of flood, fire, our telco outage.  Many of our clients use BigAir to make that 'last mile' connection, or as a temporary solution during a relocation of large scale event.

Network users inside your organisation will feel the benefit of fast, relaible symmetrical connectivity without any of the lag or contention associated with DSL, or the high cost of fibre. Your organisation saves money, and saves time.

You can engage BigAir to achieve the following:

Private Data Links for a Wide Area Network (WAN)
Seamlessly extend your local area network into a wide area network (WAN) across Australia for multi-site businesses including retailers and national organisations, establish clearer connections and reduced telco bills for voice or video communications, mirror data for brilliant business continuity and more.

Direct High Speed Internet
Connect to the world with business-grade, high-availability, high-speed Internet access with symmetrical upload and download speeds. 

As a microwave network, it uses both class-licensed and apparatus-licensed radio spectrum with the latest encryption and security features to provide the highest level of security and reliability that is commercially available. Our customer organisations are connected to the world by placing a BigAir radio transceiver on their building. This transceiver is connected to the BigAir Fixed Wireless Ethernet network via a high speed wireless connection beaming across the city.

The transceiver connects to the customer's network via a standard CAT5 cable and is presented as Ethernet for connection to any computer, firewall, router or other Ethernet device. Client users on that network simply plug in as per normal, and enjoy fast symmetrical connectivity without the lag of contention associated with DSL, or the cost of fibre.

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Case Study Fixed Wireless Ethernet Case Study from BigAir

Remote Sites
See how BigAir used Layer 2 Ethernet and Layer 3 MPLS systems to create a flexible Wide Area Network (WAN) enabling intersite connectivity for dedicated services such as internet and VOIP. 

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Key Features

[fa icon= "check"] Performance

BigAir Fixed Wireless Ethernet is 100 times faster than DSL to improve the productivity of your staff immediately. In fact, the BigAir Fixed Wireless Ethernet network can deliver speeds of up to 1Gbit/s symmetrical connection.

[fa icon= "check"] Availability

BigAir also guarantees 99.99% network availability in its Service Level Agreement (SLA) so you can have confidence in its reliability.

[fa icon= "check"] Flexible

Deploy temporary networks quickly and scale performance to suit your exact business requirements at any time - whatever suits your business. 

[fa icon= "check"] Disaster Recovery

Support your primary network by deploying a fixed wireless connection ready to be called into action with instant switch over should disaster occur.

[fa icon= "check"] Fast installation

BigAir can help you solve networking issues and improve the way your fixed or temporary locations are connected within days (subject to building access approval).

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