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using fixed line connectivity options too.

We'll customise and deploy a business-grade fixed-line data network and Internet access solution free of consumer traffic using our national Dark Fibre, Fibre Ethernet, ADSL2 or Ethernet over Copper capabilities.

A Quick Overview

what is fixed line

Fixed line services come in a range of flavours depending on your performance requirements and budget. These include fibre, Ethernet over copper, and ADSL2.


Fixed line services are often deployed to either save money (ADSL2), convenience (it's already in place), or performance for next-generation applications including unified communications, and a range new cloud applications.

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Our Fixed Line options range from simple ADSL2 for small business and offices through to Ethernet over Copper and Dark Fibre when dedicated high performance connectivity is required.

Dark Fibre by BigAir Group

BigAir Dark Fibre is unlit optical fibre that represents the most reliable, high bandwidth data connectivity medium for applications that require maximum security, low latency, and high speed data transfers.

It transmits data on a single point-to-point optical fibre circuit with almost limitless capacity. The result is exceptional bandwidth supporting an almost seamless flow of data across your network. Our Dark Fibre services also enable clients with a high level of internal skills to essentially scope and manage their network themselves.

With this responsibility and control, you can operate your own terminating equipment, and manage the applications that use the network. So now you can have as much bandwidth as your NTU will support and transfer as much data as you need up to a massive 10Gbps speed all for one single monthly fee.

Key Benefits

  • Fixed monthly fee for predictable budgets
  • Unlimited speed (as supported by your NTU)
  • No contention for maximum throughput
  • Low latency for real-time applications

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Fibre by BigAir Group

BigAir Fibre Ethernet makes it easy to connect your network with a dedicated bandwidth to match your capacity needs. As Fibre Ethernet is inherently more robust than copper based technology, it’s well suited for mission critical applications and data connectivity between major sites.

Fibre Ethernet can deploy high speed networks from 10Mbps through to 1Gbps of guaranteed, symmetrical IP throughput. Currently, our Fibre Ethernet is available in all capital city CBD areas with reach extending to many metropolitan and regional business centres.

Features and Benefits

  • Speed up to 1Gbps enables it to scale with your business growth
  • Experienced design means higher up time and reliability for your business
  • Industry leading SLA gives you peace of mind
  • Ethernet presentation simplifies integration with networking equipment.

ADSL2 by BigAir Group

ADSL2+ is an Internet network connectivity option offered to organisations across regional and metropolitan Australia. This service provides reliable connectivity for organisations in remote and regional locations.

Our ADSL solution is a business-grade high speed, broadband service that takes advantage of the existing copper telephone wire infrastructure to get to almost any location. Unlike many other providers, we ensure our service is not over-subscribed. This low-latency improves speed and reliability, and is backed by the BigAir Service Level Agreement (SLA).

BigAir ADSL2+ offers speeds that suit your business needs between the range of 24 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload,. Your service can be bundled with a Managed Router that is actively updated and maintained by our engineering teams, ensuring business-level connection performance and reliability. We can also bundle Email Security to reduce Spam.

Features and Benefits

  • Licensed National Telecommunication re seller
  • Our team can provision, integrate, and maintain national network services
  • Established presence in regional and metropolitan locations
  • BigAir integrates multi-carrier data network solutions for competitive pricing.

Ethernet Broadband by BigAir

BigAir's fully managed national end-to-end carrier grade Ethernet network delivers high speed network connectivity so organisations can link multiple office locations with speed and reliability.

Add our Fixed Wireless connectivity for any last mile requirements, and you can bring even the most remote locations into a single network.

Whether it’s a connection to a data centre, cloud services or multiple offices within your company, BigAir has the range of solutions to deliver a high availability network, Australia wide.

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