BigAir Disaster Recovery as a Service for Business Continuity

Protect your business with DRaaS from BigAir 

Your people are only productive when their data and systems are in place and operating. So what happens when disaster strikes? You need Disaster Recovery to retrieve it all and get back to business as fast as possible. Traditional Disaster Recovery is expensive, hard to configure, difficult to test and quickly outdated. DRaaS, a cloud-based method,  costs less, is easier to engage, and scales as your needs do. 



"The global DRaaS market is estimated to grow from $1.42B in 2015 to $11.92B in 2020, at a CAGR of 52.9%." MarketsandMarkets

Disasters do happen. A lot.  

Most businesses will experience a disaster at some stage - and there's nothing natural about many of them.

In fact, a recent study showed that an incredible 95% of businesses have already experienced a form of outage for reasons including hardware failure, power loss or interruption, software issues, and even accidental deletion of data. And that's just the start. Nearly half of those businesses then took over a day to recover. That spells real disaster. 

Don't let this be your business. Time to take a fresh look at your Disaster Recovery situation with BigAir Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Backed by the highly reliable BigAir Australian-based Network Operations Centre, BigAir DRaaS includes a wide range of advanced features as standard, and is always ready to jump into action should disaster strike and you need retrieval pronto.

Everything is managed for you with one fixed monthly fee, setup is fast and simple, and our network comprises the type of enterprise security levels that protect your business in more ways than one. 

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DRaaS Makes DR Simpler

DRaaS is the replication and hosting of physical and virtual servers to an off-site appliance or more typically the cloud. It can retrieve data and computing environments without having to restore first so the business avoids any real downtime in the case of data or hardware loss.

As a cloud-based service, DRaaS is more affordable, scalable, and more efficient to implement than traditional DR for businesses of all shapes and sizes,. It's also a great way to reduce capital costs, management costs, while achieving business continuity goals quickly and more reliably than owning and managing a secondary data centre yourself.

disaster recovery plan
BigAir Disaster Recovery as a Service is Fast Recovery

Rapid Failover of Everything. Fast.

BigAir DRaaS is able to replicate more than one site, enabling us to support your business no matter how many physical sites you may operate. Our service is also array-agnostic to replicate any environment to our cloud regardless of storage vendor or architecture.
You'll also find DRaaS by BigAir to be extremely granular so you can choose specific applications to protect, regardless of their physical server or storage location. We can replicate in and between VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V private clouds. Plus our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we provide scalable, block-level replication with RPO of seconds and RTO of mere minutes.

Reduce DR Costs 

Moving disaster recovery to a service line out of the cloud results in significant cost and resource savings when compared to creating and managing a replication site internally. It also eliminates the need for upfront capital investment. 

BigAir deploys the system quickly plus there's no need for any changes to our customers' environment. Our service can also scale as your needs do for an on-demand solution with pay as you grow pricing. Now you can allocate your internal IT resources to more strategic projects too.

BigAir Disaster Recovery as a Service Saves Money
business continuity plan

Your business is protected.  

As a network provider, BigAir has the technology to handle customer data with care. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service is no different. It starts with end-to-end encryption where data is encrypted at the source and then encrypted again in the cloud.

BigAir also tests regularly and without any disruption to your production systems, and we deliver fast recovery and real time replication allowing your business to failover to BigAir’s DRaaS within minutes for minimal disruption or user interaction.

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Service Level Options

Choose the service level that best suits your business.

Service Levels

DRaaS Bronze

DRaaS Silver

DRaaS Gold

Lost Cost Activation (LCA) tick.png tick.png tick.png
Business Continuity A single site configuation only.   A duplicate system configuration is stored at a second data centreand activated upon a failure at the primary data centre.  Delivered by an Active-Active data centre topology providing maximum service  availability.
RPO (Recovery Point Objective 24 hours 4 hours  15 minutes
RTO (Recovery Time Objective) * 48 hours 4 hours  1 hour
24x7 Hours Support Service  No No Yes
   * Subject to meeting any pending customer processes

Reasons to Partner with BigAir for DRaaS

BigAir Disaster Recovery as a Service delivers everything you need for a contemporary disaster recovery solution to protect your business should diasaster strike. Here are four more great reasons to consider it for your organisation.


ASX-Listed Company

BigAir is a company of Superloop, the dark fibre company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange providing a diverse range of services from student wireless to data centre integration and pan-Asian interconnnection services.


Network Operations Centre

Our Network Operations Centre is Australian-based and available to assist you whenever you have any questons that needs answers. 


Fully Tested

We test, audit and report regularly without any disruption to your production environment so you can be sure of recovery as promised in the even a disaster occurs. 



Our team has over 15 years experience managing the critical networks and infrastructure for a wide range of small to large businesses across Australia.

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