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Our Desktop as a Service plans are flexible to ensure you get the solution that suits your business risk and budget profiles

Rapidly deploy desktops and your desktop environment to employees with a fully managed and integrated cloud service from Superloop+.

A Quick Overview


Desktop-as-a-Service is a virtual desktop infrastructure that’s outsourced and managed by BigAir Group using a cloud service. It enables people to take their desktop environment with them on any device.

Why DaaS

DaaS delivers desktop virtualisation without the headaches. That means your people can effectively work using their familiar and approved desktop environment from anywhere and on all types of devices, in a secure and agile way.

Deploying DaaS

Unlike traditional desktop deployments, DaaS delivers a virtual desktop from the cloud with all the benefits that brings. Ask about our choice of Standard or Managed solutions (adds End User Management to the range of standard services).

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Why DaaS from Superloop?

Our team provides a world-class DaaS experience so clients can take advantage of the virtual era to improve asset efficiency, worker flexibility and full management, without ever compromising corporate security or end user experience.

We can deliver a complete Windows OS desktop experience from the cloud, and either use your existing desktop licensing capabilities or Microsoft Server images provided by us.

Our always–on, device agnostic approach provides users with a completely customised and familiar experience from any device, and a desktop instance that maintains its status and integrity between each log in. The result is enhanced productivity and a measurable increase in efficiency, all for one predictable monthly fee.

Ask about our two solutions: Standard or Managed (which adds a Service Desk and End User Management to the range of included services).

The First VMware Horizon DaaS Partner in Australia

Technically, you'll sleep well knowing that our DaaS solutions leverage the VMware Horizon DaaS Platform. In fact, we were the first VMware Horizon DaaS partner in Australia, making ours a tried and trusted solution and the patented technologies to deliver:
  • exceptional cloud-hosted desktops
  • provisioned virtual computing
  • multi-tenant data centre design
  • virtual computing services network
  • and more.

Download the Desktop-as-a-Service FAQ Datasheet

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Key Features

[fa icon= "check"] Cloud–Savvy 

Virtualisation is not just at the server now – business is leveraging the benefits of the cloud down to the end user and their end point device.

[fa icon= "check"] SMB 

DaaS is perfect for any business with limited in–house IT skills because deploying and managing physical desktops can be time-consuming.

[fa icon= "check"] Remote workers 

Connect geographically dispersed workers and contractors to your corporate environment in a cost–effective and secure manner.

[fa icon= "check"] One-Offs

Add desktops quickly to accommodate temporary requirements without the need for major infrastructure changes or upgrades.

[fa icon= "check"] Windows 7 migration

Extend the life of your fleet by leveraging your existing hardware to run Windows 7.

[fa icon= "check"] disaster recovery

Reduce the impact of a disaster on end-users with a DR plan that can be implemented easily and rapidly.

[fa icon= "check"] M&A 

Successfully integrate IT systems and processes under M&A conditions to ensure consistent desktop images, access, applications and data to every user.

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