With application growth comes greater demand on data infrastructure.  

You need the full picture to ensure the right capacity and performance is being delivered to the business, while at the same time reducing cost, risk, complexity and management overheads. 

A Quick Overview

what is dcim 

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is critical to ensuring your organisation operates at optimum performance. It collects and manages information regarding the assets, resource use and operational status to help managers meet business and service-oriented goals.

why DCIM

Capacity is being consumed as fast as ever before demanding new infrastructure to maintain service levels. The right DCIM will optimise performance, efficiency, and ROI while keeping it aligned with the needs of the business.

DCIM with bigair

BigAir Group maintains pace with emerging technology and best practices. We can provide computer infrastructure, backup and restoration, automated offsite backup, business continuity and disaster recovery, de-duplication and archiving, plus Microsoft licensing and solutions.

DCIM with BigAir

Businesses are placing greater demands on their data centres as they continue to evolve and grow. Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is designed to provide a significantly better view of those resources from the mechanical to the data and everything in between.

This enables IT decision-makers to measure, manage and optimise all the complexities that drive the modern data centre. They can improve IT services and make them more adaptable, while at the same time reduce cost, risk, complexity and management overheads. 

BigAir Group keeps pace with new and emerging technology developments to ensure you always reap the benefits of the industry’s best practice and technologies. This enable our clients to:

  • Reduce costs through consolidation — increase utilisation, reduce infrastructure and make efficient use of IT resources
  • Increase the performance and availability of your business applications
  • Improve your ability to respond to business needs with flexible and scalable IT architecture
  • Reduce risk through centralised, streamlined management.

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Data Infrastructure

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Key Features

[fa icon= check] Server Infrastructure & Virtualisation

Standardise and consolidate your infrastructure to increase efficiencies and reduce cost.

[fa icon= check] Desktop Virtualisation

Improve security and manageability of your desktops. Oriel can help you to choose the right path for your desktop strategy.

[fa icon= check] Storage Infrastructure

Consolidate and centralise your data storage to improve utilisation, data availability and scalability.

[fa icon= check]Converged Infrastructure

Complete converged solution of servers, storage, networking provides your businesses with scalability, flexibility and the optimum use of systems infrastructure.

[fa icon= check] Private Cloud

Enable rapid provisioning and self service capability for your business units. Enable a hybrid cloud model that combines your own infrastructure with other off–premises services such as Managed Hosting and Public Cloud Services.