Cloud Backup from BigAir Group

Protect against data loss with enterprise-level, cloud-based backup.

BigAir Cloud Backup leverages advanced storage gateway technologies for superior off–site backup data protection, redundancy and retrieval. It saves you time and money building and running your own infrastructure, and even more so should disaster ever strike.

A Quick Overview

What is Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a service that uses innovative storage gateway technologies and all the benefits of the cloud for off–site backup data protection, redundancy and retrieval.

why cloud backup

You will reduce risk, cut costs and increase business advantage without having to build or maintain expensive infrastructure.

BigAir Cloud Backup

BigAir's Cloud Backup service reduces costs, improves data protection processes, quickens data backup and restores, all to save time and money while improving risk management all round. 

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Cloud Backup by BigAir Group

Many organisations are grappling with the challenge of building and maintaining their own backup infrastructure and processes in ways that comply with business and regulatory standards. It can be expensive, time consuming and in the end fail to deliver the risk mitigation that was the goal in the first place.

Managed Cloud Backup by BigAir takes care of this for one, predictable monthly fee.

Our team will deliver enterprise-grade services to manage your end–to–end, off–site protection and retrieval of backup data. We provide a highly proactive management service level utilising our own ORIZON infrastructure management platform to monitor and manage the infrastructure, ensuring maximum availability and performance of the complete cloud backup solution. 

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