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BigAir provides Cloud and Managed Services so your company can focus on what it does best.  

The right Cloud and Managed Service solutions enable your IT people to focus on initiatives that grow the business - while assuring the innovation, speed, saving and compliance assurances often difficult to manage with an on-premise environment.

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Clearview Sees the
Way Forward

BigAir Cloud & Managed Services is proud to be providing a complete End User Computing and Collaboration solution to ClearView Wealth Limited that comprises of:

  • Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Managed WAN and WAN Acceleration
  • Network Security
  • Unified Communication and Collaboration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • plus overall solution management for ClearView staff.

By taking care of these fundamental IT requirements, ClearView can focus IT and management resources on their key business activity (Life Insurance & Wealth Management) rather than their IT distractions. 

Wide Range of Services


We use the most effective cloud infrastructure to best connect multiple locations and LANs across a broad geographic area.

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Leverage our advanced storage gateway technologies for superior off–site backup data protection, redundancy and retrieval.

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Set your people free to work anywhere using the desktop operating environment on almost any device, anywhere. 

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Eliminate the time and cost of managing your infrastructure with our enterprise class platform designed to help you improve IT and business productivity. 

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Connect with Australia's leading Fixed Wireless network for business for a fully managed, high-speed network up to 1Gbps in all cities and major regional areas.

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Improve the way your people work with a leading end-to-end unified communications system that meets your budget, work style and scale.

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Make the most of what you have to accelerate your existing network by up to 50x without the need for any additional bandwidth or infrastructure.

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Our monitoring and management services will keep your key components running perfectly for maximum uptime and performance across the network.

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Our range of plans will minimise the damage of workplace disruption due to extended power outage, flood, fire or building damage.

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Meet your business and service goals while reducing risk and complexity with the collection and management of information regarding assets, resource use and operational status.

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Engage our Managed IT Services for equipment maintenance, software updates, security management, network enhancements, complete ICT reporting and more, all with full accountability.

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Our Managed Service Desk team privides day-to-day network administration, software updates, user support, issue resolution, hardware fixes, security monitoring, and performance reporting.

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Managed Services

It is likely not the core focus on your business. That's why you engage a Managed Service Provider (MSP) such as the BigAir Group to manage the following day-to-day issues so your internal IT resources can focus on more strategic issues:

  • virtual desktop environments
  • storage requirements
  • network components
  • operating devices
  • hosted and internal applications
  • performance monitoring.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is where your business’ data and programs are stored and accessed over the Internet, rather than being stored and managed in-house on a local storage system. There are three basic types of Cloud computing:

  • Public Cloud is an affordable solution where you share the infrastructure with other businesses and your provider is responsible for the security and maintenance of your system.
  • Private Cloud is an internal infrastructure for businesses with the budget and need for exclusive network access and control over their data.
  • Hybrid Cloud services provide the best of both world;s where some is managed by your business’ IT professionals, and the rest is managed off-site.

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Professional Consulting

We’ll help you migrate from a reactive to a proactive approach, and ‘fill the gaps’ such as IT Governance and IT Risk Management.

When you engage with BigAir's Consultancy Division you leverage the collective subject matter expertise and intellectual horse power of a select team of senior consultants. It's a perspective that is both strategic and tactical, looking at the big picture while never forgetting the detail.  We want to understand your business then align an IT strategy to your business goals. Read more
  • Best practice standards including CobIT, ISO 27001 and AS 4360
  • Holistic business approach to include the C-suite of executives
  • Pragmatic approach to your unique commercial environments
  • Excellent drafting skills for the development of policy and procedure sets, strategic plans, and incisive management reporting.