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Deliver a brilliant experience to your constituents using an efficient, fully Managed Internet and Networking solution from BigAir.

Connecting People

BigAir owns the largest business fixed wireless network in Australia. The BigAir Campus Solutions division is the largest private ISP supplying managed broadband services to the campus accommodation style environments with more than 200 sites and 38,000 residents using our WiFi and Ethernet services each year. Many of these sites have extensive WiFi coverage with up to 300 access points in a single site. All infrastructure is installed and managed by BigAir from its 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC). 

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Student Accommodation

BigAir owns the largest business fixed wireless network in Australia. The BigAir Community Broadband division is the largest private ISP supplying managed broadband services to the tertiary student accommodation sector in Australia, with approximately 200 sites and 40,000 residents using our WiFi and Ethernet services each year. Students need fast and reliable service to tap the world's knowledge, connect with people, and have some R and R on campus, with the whole experience safely monitored for accurate billing and usage reporting.

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Student Accomodation
Mining Camps


BigAir has extensive experience providing internet services to mining camps or accommodation requiring fast or temporary services in remote areas including isolated parts of WA and regional Tasmania. We pride ourselves on delivering high speed links in areas not normally serviced by regular fibre optic or copper. With transmission over large distances, we can get high-speed broadband out to your site in a fraction of the time and cost that a cable would take to install.  We can supply back-up feeds and servers that stay online in the event any primary connections are severed and we have complete control of the internet service from remote locations without requiring  physical presence. Our team provides 24 hour support to customers.

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Events are often defined by remote locations, temporary timeframes, and a heavy reliance on reliable communications across the internet from start to finish. Nothing can go wrong in an environment where anything might. Your network and internet provider needs to be experienced in this context. The BigAir Campus Solutions team intimately understand the unique variables in this environment and as such have become the provider of choice for some of Australia's most significant cultural, government and corporate events on the calendar, including Splendour in the Grass and the Woodfordia and the Woodford Folk Festival.

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Splendour in the Grass festival
Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

WiFi access in shopping centres is quickly becoming a customer expectation that continues to grow. BigAir already supplies both paid and free WiFi services at approximately 200 sites across Australia. We supply managed WiFi solutions to multiple campus style environments. BigAir owns and manages our own end to end solution, including a hosted back end and billing systems. We maintain direct peering links with major content providers and peering exchanges (eg. Google, Akamai, Amazon, etc) to ensure high speed access to all content.  Some specific examples of our managed solutions that provide WiFi include: managed public WiFi solutions across 4 shopping centres owned by IPOH (Government of Singapore property investment arm) within the Sydney CBD (including the Queen Victoria Building) for use by thousands of daily visitors, managed public WiFi network at the World Square retail precinct in Sydney’s CBD and a managed WiFi solution across 6 hot spots for the Sunshine Coast Council in Queensland for use by the general public.