IT managers needing a break – have you considered managed service desk?

Managed service desk services are the general support, incident, and management services provided by an outsourced provider, to keep your IT systems (and employees) working to their full potential every day.

For IT managers who need a break – have you considered managed service desk?

From reactivity…

If you aren’t outsourcing your IT needs to a managed services provider, chances are you’re dealing with a ‘break-fix’ IT model. Though it’s common, the old ‘if it’s broken then fix it’ approach is not the most efficient way of managing your technology.

While it means your problems will eventually get solved, just waiting around for things to go wrong doesn’t help you work out how to prevent the problems from occurring.

Not only this, but your productivity is brought to a halt. The staff affected can’t work until the issue is resolved, which could take one hour or one day, and can cause you plenty of unnecessary stress. IT managers certainly don’t need to be under any more pressure.

Have you thought about how much downtime your business can afford?

…To proactivity

Instead of approaching technology problems reactively, an outsourced provider takes a proactive approach. They constantly monitor and maintain your network to prevent issues before they ever occur, so you can keep downtime to an absolute minimum and stay productive and profitable.

A managed service desk solution typically includes day-to-day network administration, software updates, user support, issue resolution, hardware fixes, security monitoring, performance reporting and can also include IT training and customer- service tasks.  

Outsourcing the management of these services is an ideal way to ensure expertise in technology and support in a crucial area of your business. Professional experts can help deliver flexibility and scalability whilst ensuring control is at the heart of the solution.

With a managed service desk, you’re effectively working with a team of experts who know how to prevent things from breaking, rather than just fixing them when they do. A managed service desk provider will also make sure that you’re on top of important software and security updates so that your systems run smoothly. This constant maintenance keeps your IT downtime to a minimum, and lets you spend more time on real business issues.

But it’s not just about reducing downtime – it’s about optimising uptime.

A managed service desk solution can ensure that unscheduled outages are minimised and the restoration time for any unscheduled outages will be reduced, which means greater productivity in the workplace and increased employee satisfaction. It’s also an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, as the team of IT experts you hire will provide you with professional consulting services to help you use your technology to drive business outcomes and increase profitability. That’s sure to make the bosses happy.

Why wait?

If you’re currently handling all your IT in-house, you’re probably overspending on your technology, dealing with unnecessary downtime and stress at work, and missing out on some serious business benefits.

Without someone managing your IT services, you can never be sure how much your technology costs will add up to each month, and you can never be sure when things will go wrong.

A managed service desk solution means problems are fixed before they happen. An outsourced provider will guide you along a more proactive approach to IT management, which means you and your team can focus on more strategic growth initiatives – for the business and for yourselves.  

To learn more about the managed service desk option and whether it’s right for your business, watch this video.

IT managers needing a break – have you considered managed service desk?


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