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If you operate a campus style environment such as a number of retail outlets, student accommodation sites, tourist locations, shopping malls, and retirement or mining villages, then talk to us today about our Wi-Fi solution that lets you know exactly who is using your Wi-Fi and where they're located.

Our unique Wi-Fi Analytics Solution allows you to gather insights from internet usage across your site portfolio. You can instantly see where and how people are using your internet service.


We do it all
You don't need to know networking to get the insights you need from your solution. We do it all for you. Even once it's running there's no dealing with passwords, rebooting Hot Spots, ISPs, telephone lines, customer support, payments for usage or any of those headaches.  Plus, there are multiple payment models including:

  • Free
  • Ad Supported
  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Simple Monthly Plans.

Key Features

  • Demographics of users gender, age, location and many other metrics can help you understand your customers like never before.

  • Location Analytics works in conjunction with the Wi-Fi service to track customers and visitors within a location and can provide additional reporting including how long customers stay in an area, geo fenced footfall counts and heat mapping.

  • Social Login provides an additional level of social media engagement and allows for a seamless client login across multiple locations. As part of a managed Wi-Fi solution, BigAirs’ Wi-Fi analytics enables businesses to gain valuable data and insight about their customers in real-time while providing fast and secure guest Wi-Fi services.

  • Location Track to see how your customers move around your premise. Provides invaluable information on where customers like to be within your premise. In addition, businesses can send highly relevant marketing communications to visitors while they move around the venue.



Summary metrics in an easy to view dashboard along with the visual Location Tracker to know where customers are at any point in time. 

Wi-Fi Analytics is an optional service. Call 1300 244 247 to talk to a Solution Manager about how it may benefit your business, or complete the form on this page for a BigAir representative to contact you. 

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