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We divide our expertise into the following pillars. 


Network Services  

We have one of the strongest and most diverse network service capabilities in the country so you can reduce risk, increase uptime, improve scalability and realise operational efficiency.

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Cloud & Managed Services  

Our depth of expertise and scale of infrastructure ensures you can rely on our cloud-based solutions and managed services to improve both human and capital efficiency.

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Campus Solutions  

With tens of thousands of users under management, we're the people to rely on for a fully-managed internet and network solution delivered into your campus-styled environment.

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Issues we can help you resolve

Deploy Cloud

Understand and deploy the cloud strategy that makes sense to your business.

Reduce Costs

Reduce IT expenses with smarter and more efficient technology and services.

Improve Reliability

Maintain service levels by protecting the network with physical diversity.

Manage IT

Monitor and manage an ever growing need for expanding scale across data and capacity.

Reduce CapEx

Outsource your infrastructure to a managed service and reduce capital requirements.

Improve Efficiency

Utilise a managed service for network performance, data analytics, and authentication.

Connect Anywhere

Extend your networks with high speed data connections to difficult locations.


Work with people capable of transforming business goals into technical change.

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BigAir owns and operates the leading Fixed Wireless network
for business in Australia.


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Now. Far more than just a network.

Building a better business

Business needs to be agile and able to scale to match variable growth and customer expectations. We can provide the right Cloud and Managed Services to deliver that flexibility, while enabling more strategic opportunities. 

Not your standard ICT provider

You may think ICT providers are similar. Not us. BigAir Group owns and manages Australia's our own national Fixed Wireless Network for business. We connect to others when it makes sense, but are never solely reliant.

Leading Australian ICT Provider

BigAir Group is a leading ASX-listed ICT provider with the talent and acquisitions focused on providing the infrastructure, cloud and managed services to help Australian organisations work better.

Become a Partner

Join the BigAir growth path by partnering with our team to deliver better solutions for your clients and add incremental monthly recurring revenue to your business.

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Questions? Call 1300 244 247