Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from BigAir Group

The managed infrastructure backbone that lets you bend and stretch at will.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) by the BigAir Group is a fully managed, scalable, enterprise-class platform designed to replace or expand your existing IT infrastructure.

A Quick Overview


Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS is fundamentally a solution that puts your servers, storage and networking on-demand in a pay-as-you-go model.


IaaS helps you deploy the latest technology, provision new resources as you need them, and reduces time for support, upgrades and maintenance. It also takes large IT system purchases out of the budget immediately.



Consider your needs carefully when engaging an IaaS provider to ensure you get what you think you are getting - no more, and no less. Our team helps you make these decisions.


IaaS by BigAir Group

IaaS by the BigAir Group is a complete end–to–end solution comprising managed server, storage and networking capacity that can be customised and scaled as you need.

Built on the industry’s best and proven technologies, the service is delivered across our two Tier 3 data centres for maximum protection and business continuity assurance. 

We deliver IaaS to clients around the country 24/7 on a scale that produces exceptional efficiency. Leveraging IaaS strengthens your balance sheet, smooths costs, reduces expenses, increases uptime, eliminates complexity, and frees your people for more strategic initiatives.

Other benefits include:

  • complete end–to–end Australian–based solution
  • flexible and scalable so you never over or under provision again
  • shorten deployment times and accelerate innovation
  • reduced capital costs without compromising security and data control
  • reduced risk with redundant managed infrastructure across dual sites
  • improved service levels to the business
  • increased operational efficiency
  • improved availability
  • improved data protection and business continuity.

Our Professional Services team can help you to plan and execute the migration of your systems for minimum disruption.

Our expertise and innovation means you can choose from a range of availability service levels that cater for all business applications, including an active–active metro cluster for the ultimate in business continuity. Select from from our Bronze, Silver and Gold plans where the difference is up-time availability, data centre infrastructure, and time to recover.

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Key Features

[fa icon= "check"] Managed Virtual Data Centre (VDC)

A private VLAN or virtual container in which VPS(s) are deployed. It provides a dedicated, private network segment ensuring separation from other users, isolation of local traffic within the customer’s VDC and enables the connection of services such as VSA storage, VDC Firewall (for Internet and VPN Tunnel connectivity) and Customer Provisioned Private WAN Connection. Once connected these services become available to VPS(s) within the VDC.

[fa icon= "check"] Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A virtual server with operating system, deployed on shared, high availability infrastructure and a choice of service levels to ensure the right level of business continuity and protection. Each server is allocated resources from a range of options, enabling each server to be tailored to the customer’s requirements..

[fa icon= "check"] Managed Virtual Storage Array (VSA)

Shared storage provided as a range of tiered disk configurations. Storage is assigned to the customer’s VDC as a resource for allocation to available VPS(s).