4 steps to creating an IT continuity plan

IT continuity is an integeral part of IT Security and risk analysis. It's often used as a synonym of disaster rescovery (DR), but this isn't the case. 


The Trick to Getting the Boss to Buy-in to IT Continuity Planning

Today more than ever, IT Continuity should be a key business focus for any organisation to protect its data, infrastructure and the overall business.


What IT managers need to consider before an infrastructure migration

With the explosion of digital, progressive companies across all industries are looking to incorporate next generation technologies that address business challenges.


The high price of ageing IT infrastructure


While you might think you’re being economical by keeping your old systems running, ageing IT infrastructure brings a lot of hidden costs in the form of performance degradation, rising maintenance costs, and energy inefficiencies.



Why you shouldn’t put off that infrastructure migration project

One of the most frustrating aspects of in-house IT management is the massive burden of upgrading that any company will inevitably face.

Servers that were at the top of their game 5 years ago may not be so flash today, weighed down both by the growth of the business and the data it manages, and the increased complexity of the applications you’re trying to run.  



IT managers needing a break – have you considered managed service desk?

Managed service desk services are the general support, incident, and management services provided by an outsourced provider, to keep your IT systems (and employees) working to their full potential every day.


Advantages of fixed wireless Ethernet networks to your business

With no limit to our demand for bandwidth, the traditional methods of connecting organisations are feeling the strain. Fibre can be prohibitively expensive and impossible for remote locations, while ADSL and 3G/4G networks are simply too slow. For organisations facing these kinds of constraints, fixed wireless networks can be the solution.


Infographic: Cost of Security Incursions

The threat of security incursions is growing and continues to cause disruption to businesses. Find out how much below by downloading this infographic and getting the facts to support the business case for cloud-based backup. 


3 tech trends IT leaders should watch in 2017


In 2016, digital transformation became a top business priority, as organisations recognised the agility, innovation, and engagement benefits that emerging technologies bring.

Rates of innovation and adoption aren’t going to slow down this year. Digital technologies are sparking change on many fronts, which means IT managers have a lot to tackle as 2017 progresses.


Disaster Recovery explained: Choosing a Partner


As we discussed in our last blog, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) refers to a provider offering a site and typically managed services around a disaster recovery (DR) offering.

However, not all DRaaS providers are created equal. If you want to reap the benefits of a cloud-based disaster recovery solution, you need to be careful about who you choose to partner with.